• Aberdare hotels

Aberdare hotels

Aberdare Country Club

The Aberdare Country club was once a home for English couple that decided to settle in Kenya. Almost a half century later, their home, “The Steep”, was renamed the Aberdare Country Club and opened for guests. The hotel is located in the Aberdare highlands, just two and half hours’ drive from Nairobi. The Aberdare Country club has 19 two bedroom cottages, 1 three bedrooms’ cottages and 1 five bedroom cottages and one standard suite.

The Ark Lodge

The Ark Lodge is situated in Aberdare National Park overlooking a floodlit waterhole and a salt lick which attracts a host of awesome wildlife. The ark has viewing decks for guest for wildlife to be seen. There is also a ground banker which has perfect hideout for the discerning photographer. Accommodation in the Ark is in the form of cabins that are self-contained with a shower and toilet. The rooms are on three levels, that is Deck A, Deck B & Deck C. There is also access for wheel chairs, for those who require it. From the safety and comfort of all the four decks, one can watch the wild animals visiting the water hole in front of The Ark.

Aberdare Treetops Lodge

This is an ancient hotel where Queen Elizabeth II visited as a princes and left as a queen. Treetops Lodge, built in between a large tree, was constructed in 1932, located inside Aberdare National Park. The Hotel has 36 rooms, with a permanent waterhole in front where guests can see animals from the viewing hotel decks.

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