An African Safari is the kind of trip that winds up on most people’s dream list, but Africa is also an enormous place. Eco-system and wildlife balance can vary quite a bit from region to region! When it comes to choosing between Southern and East Africa for a safari, East Africa generally favors the more adventurous traveler. Our safaris offers a wild world waiting to be discovered with stays in luxury camps, lodges & beach resorts in East Africa. Famous Masai Mara Region and Serengeti host the annual Great Migration, a unique spectacle that occurs as huge herds of wildebeests and zebras follow the fresh grazing that sprouts in the wake of the annual rains. On safaris in Kenya’s northern regions, spot the local special five species including the endangered black rhino, reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx, Grevy’s zebra and the long-necked gerenuk. Travel on an East Africa Hyrax safari to Tanzania, where you can visit the Ngorongoro Crater, formed by the collapse of an extinct volcano, where more than 30,000 animals thrive in enclosed grassland.

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